Beauty Gurus on YouTube i love <3

hi guys! so my favorite beauty gurus ( they do tutorials and/or hauls on make-up,hair and/or fashion) on YouTube i love are:

dope2111- aka Promise (she was the first guru i ever watched)

macbarbie07- aka Bethany (one of my faves)

stilababe07- aka Meredith (another fave)

beautybaby44- aka Lindsey

Andreaschoice- aka Andrea

juicystar07- aka Blair

allthatglitters21- aka Elle

MichellePhan- aka Michelle (dope2111 sister in law)

you guys should totally check them out!

~confidence, where it like makeup!

-bethany mota aka macbarbie07



  1. and guys by the way, this blog is NOT sponsered by any of these youtubers.
    also i am starting another website. it will be under missglamgirl (same user name as this site). i will give you the link when i set it up
    – vaness

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